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Origami, unique

Very nicely done! Just 30k too. A really innovative idea, and clever concept. Wonder if it would be possible to do more complex origami pieces like this, have you tried traditional patterns like the krane? This is a really excellent use of Flash, I'm truly impressed, well done!

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Chili Contest Chili Contest

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This is a GAME?

Sorry, this is a GAME? I know newgrounds is a forum for amateurs to submit things, and you can't expect all the movies to be like a Matrix or Ben Hur, and you can't expect all the games to be like an Unreal or a Myst -- but this "game" is simply a matter of clicking on your mouse as fast as you can. The graphics, music, and implementation was ok, but cmon, this isn't much of a game, is it?

shooting area shooting area

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Pretty interesting. You've done some good things with the way some of the weapons reaction -- the slide moving on the first gun, the recoil etc. very good. Not all gamers like such realism though, having troubles with re-aquiring a target after shooting, but you make your choices.

Skiing with Sonny Bono Skiing with Sonny Bono

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Hey, I had the same exact idea -- kudos to you for implementing it. Very funny, and good style on the "I hit the tree, babe" sound clip also. Don't let the humorless dolts get you down, Sonny Bono deserved to be made fun of. The tree was smarter than Bono, it won. Long live Darwinism, and your sense of humor!

Watch Him Dance! Watch Him Dance!

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Not bad

Keep at it, add some more options later, maybe?

Second String Sam Second String Sam

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Great artwork

Liked the artwork a LOT. Very professional quality. Do you draw with a quill?